Move over, Jennifer Lawrence. Dr. Phil's naked selfies are about to go viral!

Dr. Phil McGraw stopped by Conan this week and his interview quickly turned to a conversation about the naked celeb photo leak and the Cloud.

"I gotta say, if I looked like Jennifer Lawrence, I'd be posting [naked selfies] all the time," Dr. Phil joked. "But I don't understand why they're posting them on this Cloud thing. Do you trust the Cloud? I don't trust the Cloud."

"Oh god no," Conan O'Brien said. "The thing is there's no naked photo of me anywhere. I've never taken a photo of myself naked...It would break the phone. No one wants to see me nude."

Dr. Phil, Fake naked selfie, Conan O'Brien


"I understand. If you ever see a naked picture of me online, it's a fake," Phil went on, anticipating a joke from O'Brien. "I have never taken a naked selfie so if you're getting ready to pop one up, it's bulls--t."

That's when O'Brien showed the audience a fake photo of a naked Dr. Phil (brace yourselves, you can't unsee this image!). The whole audience erupted with laughter after seeing the hilarious Photoshopped pic.

"I'm sure that piece of s--t you just put up there, that's gonna be all over the Internet within minutes I'm sure," Phil joked. LOL!

Watch the funny video for yourself.

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