Savannah Guthrie just recently returned to Today from maternity leave, and already she's back going head to head with Matt Lauer—while wearing a dunce cap?!

Yep, the new mama and her morning show co-host, both wearing super sized dunce caps with very pointy tips, faced off in a Jimmy Fallon-refereed Tonight Show "Pop Quiz" Tuesday.

With each trivia question they answered incorrectly, their chair rose, bringing them closer to popping the jumbo water balloon over their head. However, with each correct answer, their opponent was raised up, inching closer towards a soaking wet fate.

"You told me this was a tiny water balloon," Matt told Jimmy, before the game began.

"You told me this was a tiny dunce cap," Savannah said, adding jokingly, "Does this make my butt look fat?"

After a few giggles and Matt telling the late-night host, "This is a new tie," the game began! Savannah went first, with Jimmy asking, "What are the names of the two sisters in the hit animated movie, Frozen?"

"Elsa," she said, pausing, "and...Elsa's sister?"

Ha! The answer, of course, was Elsa and Anna. "I've never seen Frozen," Savannah admitted.

Up she went, several inches closer to the water balloon. Next it was Matt's turn, and when he correctly remembered who won the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Jimmy!), Savannah's chair was elevated even further.

"I was here that night on your show right after you won," Matt told Jimmy, with Savannah responding, "This seems a little rigged!"

The "Pop Quiz" went on, with the Today co-hosts both getting closer and closer to the gigantic water balloons looming overhead. So who ended up losing the game and getting sopping wet?! Watch the clip above to find out!

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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