The ladies competing for the first-ever DVF Global Brand Ambassador position recently worked the DVF Awards at the United Nations...but not everything went as planned.

In this deleted clip from Sunday's series premiere of House of DVF, Diane Von Furstenberg meets with her team at the top of the Standard Hotel to discuss the drama that went down involving Brand Ambassador candidate Rhianna!

"I woke up and I said, 'I wonder if there had been any drama'," Diane reveals to the camera. "And then I found out that Rhianna had passed out, so it's very important that I hear from my staff what actually happened."

House of DVF


"Rhianna had some sort of an episode," Chief Marketing Officer Eran Cohen explains. "She got sick, she was shaky."

"In the last 20 minutes of the event," DVF Creative Director Stefani Greenfield adds, "I went into the ladies' room and there she is with the paramedics. I have no idea how this happened!"

Watch the clip above to hear more about Rhianna's health scare at the DVF Awards!

Tune-in for an all-new episode of House of DVF this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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