If there is one thing we know about people who eat fast food, it's that they like to know exactly how that pile of delicious hot garbage is made.

Actually, no. That's not correct. We do not want to see how Taco Bell puts Flamin' Hot Fritos into their burritos; all we care about is the fact that they are there at all.

But McDonald's has this whole new video series that teaches its customers all about how the food is made. Mostly it's just a big initiative to prove NO PINK SLIME HERE. The company recently showed the step-by-step process that goes into making a hamburger patty, but the newest video is truly something special.

It's the origin story of the McRib sandwich. It's like Batman Begins, but starring the fast food item that sort of looks like a rack of ribs in BBQ sauce but tastes like pudding?

The video series features former MythBusters star Grant Imahara, but this time he's joined by teacher Wes Bellamy as they tour Lopez Foods, McDonald's pork supplier and the birthplace of the McRib. According to the video this is what gets added to the meat before it gets shaped into the McRib patty shape and then flash-frozen:

•Dextrose (a type of sugar)
•Preservatives: BHA, propyl gallata and citric acid

The meat patties are then shipped to McDonald's and prepared for the masses. And now you know! And knowing is half the battle.

Digestion it the other half.

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