If you're a member of the Beyhive, please make sure you're sitting down before you get the 411 on what could be the best news to come on a Monday since, well, ever.

There's a whole lotta speculation going on about whether Beyoncé is about to drop another secret album at the end of the month after what appears to be a track list made its way online.

By the looks of it, fans can expect a collaboration with Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Nicki Minaj.

Beyonce Tracklist


Vulture shared a photograph of release information for what's apparently being dubbed Beyoncé Volume 2, the unknown-until-now, highly anticipated follow-up to her mega-successful album that she released last December.

And if we have learned anything since Queen Bey decided to gift us with an entire visual album seemingly out of nowhere around midnight on Dec. 13, 2013 (#neverforget), we know that the "Drunk In Love" singer isn't afraid to steer clear of promotions and let her work speak for itself.

So let's investigate the photo in question, unveiling what could be Bey's sixth studio album…



At first glance, there's one glaring mistake with the information: the dates. The digital release on iTunes is slated to hit on Friday, Nov. 14 while the physical album (a four-disc set!) is expecting to be available for purchase on Monday, Nov. 25.

The only issue is that Nov. 25 is actually a Tuesday. Hmmm…

But there's some compelling evidence pointing to the fact that this just-surfaced paperwork may be true after all.

Beyonce, Jay-Z


For one, Bey actually registered one of the songs on the track list, "Dong," a few weeks ago with ASCAP. Pharrell Williams and The Dream are also listed as the producers on the song.

Another song called "Cherry" (which is billed as a duet with RiRi) was registered around the same time as the previously mentioned track as well.

If all goes to plan, and this info turns out to be true, the second edition of her self-titled album will also include a whopping 28 music videos. We're crossing our fingers…

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