Nick Offerman, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


On Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and Nick Offerman teamed up to help save a couple's marriage in a hilarious fake ad for Home Depot.

The funny parody commercial was part of Oliver's response to news that Lowe's home improvement stores will be testing out personal robotic shopping assistants for customers this holiday season.

"Robot assistants are a terrible idea and here's why," Oliver said while setting up Offerman's Home Depot clip. "Sales associates at home-improvement stores are not there to help people find things, they're there to stop couples from tearing each other apart. If you really want to test your marriage, go buy home supplies together, because Lowe's is like a swingers party or a couple's brunch—no one is leaving on speaking terms."

Cue the parody Home Depot commercial! Offerman portrays a sales associate helping out a troubled couple whose search for a sink turns into an argument about their deeper personal issues and crumbling marriage.

"Why are you fighting me on this? It has a 10-year warranty," the husband (played by Bob's BurgersH. Jon Benjamin) says to his wife (Sarah Baker). "Oh, I'm sorry. Are we going to be in this house for 10 more years?" she responds.

"Where else are we gonna go?" he replies. "In a house big enough for the second child you promised me we were going to have!" she yells.

Later, a conversation about houseplants turns into an argument about his mother being put in a retirement home and his brother's joblessness. The couple goes on to fight about watching porn, adopting an Asian child and infidelity.

LOL! Watch the hilarious Home Depot parody for yourself.

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