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Let the record show: No one is giving us the heebie jeebs these days like Sons of Anarchy, and in the best-worst way! This final season has been putting us through the wringer so far, and things are only going to get worse in tonight's episode....

Read on for the latest exclusive scoop on all your TV faves!

Todd: I'm still feeling pretty sick over what happened to Bobby's eye on Sons of Anarchy. Is he dead??
We can reveal that poor Bobby Elvis is still alive, although he's going to be wishing he was dead in this week's episode. Let's just say, as horrific as his eye-gouging was, he's nowhere near done in his suffering--and we thought he'd be the one club member to walk away from the series unscathed! Also, there are two extremely gross scenes dealing with animals and bugs during the hour, so beware all those with a queasy stomach.

MMGirlnew: The Affair is completely consuming me! Any inside scoop on who's telling the truth?
More on that later, beacuse we have a ridiculous amount of theories floating around this office, on a daily basis! But I can tell you that this Sunday's episode is STUNNING. Noah and Alison go to an island where they can have some, ahem, alone time, and it ends up being perhaps the most heartbreaking and emotionally devastating episode yet. Secrets are told. And your heart will shatter in a thousand pieces for Alison. Maybe that's just me. But I'm pretty sure Noah is the big liar on this show and the affair is all his doing, while Alison clearly sleeps with angels. You? 

Theresa Lee: I'm still not over what Glee is doign with Kurt and Blaine and Karofsky in the final season. Please tell me Kurt and Blaine will end up together!
I can tell you one man who thinks exactly the same way you do: Sam! Yep, Sam is going to take it upon himself to get the holy union that is Klaine back together. He's also going to recruit a gay football player to join the team. (Sam has a new job at McKinley, BTW. Assistant football coach.) 

Meg: The Mindy Project is my everything. Give me a little taste of what's coming up!
There's a breakup ahead as someone who is currently in a relationship on the show goes on date in an upcoming episode. (Hijinks ensue!)

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Shane C.: New Girl scoop would make my day. No pressure or anything.
Two members of the gang will kiss in the next episode. But does it count as a real kiss? That is the question. 

Tyler A.: OK, what's the deal with the rest of the cast for True Detective season two?!
Funny you should ask because we found ourselves asking that very same question and decided to get some answers. "I saw those guys a few nights ago. I'm really excited. I saw the creator, Nic Pizzolatto, two nights ago and they're hard at work," Michelle Monaghan, one of the first season's stars, spilled to us. "They're getting ready to start production in three weeks. They've very excited." So…expect the final casting news in the next three least official casting news, as Taylor Kitsch spilled the beans that he's in for season two. Oops!

The Originals

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Kara: I'm so excited to see Nina Dobrev on The Originals!
Probably not as excited as we are, especially after we spoke with Joseph Morgan about how the original doppelganger Tatia affected Klaus and Elijah all those years ago. "We're really grateful to Nina for coming over to The Originals and for allowing us to finally tell that story," Morgan said. "I think it needed to be told. It definitely had a huge impact on who the brothers are today and their family in general. Klaus and Elijah both were certainly interested and invested in Tatia because they both loved her. It's absolutely going to give us more insight into their relationship because we're going to see how that love changed their family and how it all played out. The story that they told back on The Vampire Diaries is not exactly what went down and now we're going to find out what really happened."

Matt: Hit me with some Arrow scoop.
How about some scoop on the Arrow crossover with The Flash? "It's so freaking awesome," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told us. "No, it really is. I have to say, I've never had so much fun writing a script before in my life. It's just so much fun. I kept telling everyone, we should try for Avengers. These two heroes together, big production value. We're blowing out the doors on this. The opportunity for inside jokes and seeing all the characters together, 'What happens when Cisco get his eyes on Thea?' Stuff like that. Moments you just can't do in a normal episode. Watching Grant [Gustin] and Stephen Amell together, it's magic."

Sarah: I'm obsessed with American Horror Story: Freak Show, naturally, but Twisty the clown gives me NIGHTMARES. Please, spoil me.
Well, you're going to want to get your nightlight out because the Wednesday, Oct. 29 episode is a big Twisty episode. Look for him to have a run in with Jimmy and Maggie. Plus, we're going to dive into the pasts of some Freak Show players, including our beloved Elsa Mars.

Matt Ryan, Constantine

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Kyle: Loved the premiere of Constantine! Got any scoop about "What's on the way?!"
We see what you did there! Very clever. "We'll be seeing Jim Corrigan who becomes the Spectre," Matt Ryan told us of the popular DC Comics character, who will be played by Emmett Scanlan on the new NBC series. "That's going to be a really interesting relationship between him and John since they have the same objective but go about it in completely different ways."

Millie: I love that you all love Getting On. What's the scoop?
We love that you love that we love Getting On. We chatted with everybody's favorite, Carrie Preston, who revealed a little nuggets about her upcoming guest appearance. "It was a very different character for me, that was cool to do that," Preston told us. As for what's next, Preston is open and waiting for the call! "Now that I'm done with True Blood, which I'm so sad about, I'm back on the market looking for the next thing." Is that "next thing" a TV series? "I would love that. I really do love TV, I love watching it. I love doing it. If I can win the lottery twice I will be a happy girl. It's very hard to do that, but I would be very happy."

The 100, Eliza Taylor

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Jordan: Mount Weather seems way too good to be true on The 100. It's probably totally evil, right?
Let's just say you're thinking along the same lines as Clarke, who will continue to listen to her gut (and not Monty and Jasper) and explore just what is going on behind closed doors in Mount Weather. Her curious nature leads her to make a huge discovery about the people in Mount Weather in this week's episode, and it's creepier than seeing a close-up of a Reaper's face. Prepare to have all the nightmares. You've been warned!

Mel: I'm kind of surprised how much I love Jane the Virgin. Got anything on my new favorite show?
You're not alone...we're totally obsessed with anything and everything about Gina Rodriguez! But we've actually got a little romantic scoop on Rafael's sneaky wife Petra. Turns out, she shares quite an interesting past with Rafael's nemesis Lachlan, played by none other than Michael Rady! Will she betray Rafael and go behind his back--again--when Lachlan approaches her with a lucrative deal? Shady, shady, shady. 

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