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We've rounded up your best TV-related questions, and given our best answers, and we hope you like....

Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Glee


Monica: I am having panic attacks thinking about whether the final season of Glee will be good. Any scoop?
First of all: BREATHE. I can tell you that Rachel will have a new job that is Mr. Schue's old job and one of her BFF's will join her in it! With everyone ending up back in Lima (here and there), everything is coming full circle. Also, all hope is certainly NOT lost on Kurt and Blaine. And for anyone who didn't yet connect the dots between the engagement we teased, and Naya Rivera's spoilery tweet, yes Brittany and Santana are getting engaged, in episode three!  Hmmm...Do you think we'll get the wedding? (I do.)

Juana: Am I insane that I am loving Kingdom?
If that makes you insane, we'll join you in a padded room! Episode three and four of the DirecTV drama are fantastic, and really hone in on the drama of the boys' missing mother....Who it turns out, is not so far away! Her storyline with Bob Little—Sorry, Jay, a k a Jonathan Tucker—is heartbreaking and incredibly well done. 

Pam:  I need more adorable daddy/daughter moments between Diggle and his baby on Arrow. Like, right now.
Couldn't agree more! That's why we took your question to new dad Diggle himself. "Yeah, you're going to see a lot more of scenes like that," David Ramsey said. "Diggle has reconciled all the parts of his life. He's just as easy with being in a wonderful and loving relationship with Lyla and picking up his baby and rocking her to sleep at two o'clock in the morning, and then going and risking his life with Oliver. All those things exist in his world and he's adjusted to it. Oliver hasn't made that jump yet and that's part of what this season is about, for him to make that jump to where Diggle is."

Scott: Carrie Preston for president! Or at least a spinoff. She's so good on The Good Wife. I read she's back next week, but she wasn't in the promo. Any details you can spare?
Carrie Preston is indeed back for the Sunday, Oct. 26 episode of The Good Wife and she's sharing scenes with another returning fan-favorite guest star: Ana Gasteyer. "I'm a fan of hers, we have a lot of mutual friends. That was fun to work with her, they've written a really great part for her and she really relishes it," Preston told us. "That was fun to see Elsbeth interact with that character because she's never gone before her as a judge before…she's a very rigid judge, so that's fun." In our opinion (see what we did there?), seeing the ultra-quirky Elsbeth Tascioni go in front of Gasteyer's Judge Patrice Lessner is a can't miss event.

Reenie: On my agenda: Revenge scoop from you!
Well played, but don't you mean your "revengenda?" Sorry, couldn't resist. But feel free to pencil in a funeral soon as death is coming to the Hamptons…again! "There probably is going to be a death this season," Josh Bowman told us. "There should be." And when asked if Daniel could be the one to bite the dust, Bowman answered, "Let's hope not!"

Lissa: Please tell me Bellamy isn't dead on The 100!
You know we can't tell you that! We're pretty sure if we spoiled any character's fate, executive producer Jason Rothenberg would send a pack of Reapers after us—and just the thought of that is giving us nightmares. But we can tell you that you'll find out Bellamy's fate very soon into the season two premiere. In fact, after 10 minutes, you'll learn the fate of all your favorite characters on the ground. 

Parenthood, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia

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Brett: Desperate for anything on The Mindy Project!
All you need to know is that Danny's gift for Mindy in this year's Christmas episode (set to be number 11) might just top last year's infamous dance. That is if all goes according to plan. Oh, and that love triangle between Jeremy, Peter and Lauren? So. Not. Over.

John S. Anything you can share about Parenthood? I am still in denial that someone is dying!
Start saving your tissues or plan to make a run to Target to buy ALL of their Kleenex in preparation for episode 10. Why? It'll feature a trip to the ICU. Sob sob sob!

Leah: Originals scoop!!!
We can tell by those three exclamation marks that you need some Marcel scoop ASAP. Lucky for you, Charles Michael Davis told us that Marcel's goal to build a vampire community is going to be a huge part of season two. "Part of Marcel's journey is his struggle to get back to where he was in the pilot," he said. "That's who he is as a character, he's resourceful and it's actually a bigger build up to an arc that we're going to be reaching in later episodes. It's just part of Marcel's bigger story."

Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, The Affair

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The Affair is hands down the best new show of the season! But will anyone start catching on to Noah and Alison soon?
A few people will start taking notice in Noah and Alison's interest in each other, including a family member. But they aren't the real problem—someone spots the duo kissing…well, it happens in at least in one of their versions of how everything went to hell!

Jack: What is Firestorm going to be like on The Flash?
While we're going to see Robbie Amell's first episode of The Flash tonight, we're only going to see him in flashbacks as Ronnie from before the particle accelerator explosion. When he returns to the CW hit show in December, that's when we'll meet his DC Comics alter ego, Firestorm. So will he reunite with his fiancé who thinks he died? Will he interact with Barry or Cisco? "There's a whole lot of people involved in my first episode back," Amell told us. "I might not even be the only Amell in the episode." Whoa, two Amells in one episode? We're not sure our TV's can handle that!

Tara: Anything on Nashville?
We all know Rayna's about to tie the knot with Luke (even though it kills us seeing her with someone other than Deacon!), so it shouldn't come as a surprise to find out that wedding bells are ringing in an upcoming episode. But would you believe us when we say that Rayna isn't the one saying, "I do?" That's right, another couple on Nashville is getting hitched! Hit the comments with your guess as to who it is! 

Sarah: The lack of chatter about Selfie is just CRIMINAL. I am Eliza Dooley and not ashamed to admit that. Now, what's coming up?!
We're all a little Eliza Dooley. Karen Gillan is just so charming, isn't she? We'll meet her sister, Bethany, in an upcoming episode. She's VERY different than her hashtag-obsessed sister.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick and Sydney Bucksbaum

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