Brad Pitt Covers Details, Has "Discovered I Don't Suck at Being a Dad"

Father of six also talks about his love for the outdoors and why he tries to carve out time for a solo motorcycle ride every place he travels to

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 15, 2014 2:12 PMTags

Brad Pitt's not one to brag, but he will say there's one thing he's pretty darn good at: Being a parent.

The father of six modestly tells Details' November 2014 issue, "I've discovered I don't suck at being a dad."

Angelina Jolie's hubby is used to his family life playing out in the public eye, too. "My soul was stolen by the camera so long ago, I don't have to think about it anymore," he says, adding, "One definition of freedom is the ability to follow your bliss without being watched, recorded, scrutinized."

That's probably why the 50-year-old Fury star says he "will always be most comfortable in the outdoors."

"I grew up in the Ozarks—something resembling Mark Twain country," he tells Details of his Missouri upbringing. "The woods, rivers, bluffs, lakes, and caves have all left an indelible mark on me. And I'm quite reverential when it comes to a tree. On my forearm, I had tattooed 94.9m (311.4ft)—the height of the largest sequoia."

That's not to say, though, that Pitt isn't grateful for his worldly travels. He says his "greatest moments of solitude...are found in the land, on the road..."

He tells Details he tries "to carve out time for a solo ride in every country I travel to, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the belly of India."

"I haven't even come close to fulfilling my list—yet," he adds. "But in the traffic of L.A. with a helmet on, I'm just another a--hole on the road."

Fortunately, Pitt has plenty of experience behind the wheel of the bike now, even if he had a bit of a rocky start in the beginning. "I first rode at age 7 on my cousin's Honda Mini Trail 50. I tried to jump it and ran it into my grandmother's car," he recalls. "He was severely pissed off. My first bike was a Kawi 150 enduro. I won it at age 12 in a contest for selling the most pecan log rolls door to door after school. I crashed it four weeks later."

Jolie-Pitt kids, keep that in mind if you ever get into a fender-bender!

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