Oops! Kelly Ripa Accidentally Sends a Cheeky Butt Selfie to Her In-Laws—Watch!

Live! With Kelly and Michael host recounts the embarrassing story on Letterman

By Alyssa Toomey Sep 26, 2014 6:06 PMTags

Well, at least she wasn't naked...

In an effort to provide her handsome hubby Mark Consuelos with a sexy surprise while he was away traveling for work in Los Angeles, Kelly Ripa attempted to send a racy shot of herself via email, but her romantic gesture didn't go quite according to plan.

During her appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday, the Live! With Kelly and Michael host revealed that the cheeky pic, which just so happened to be a selfie of her bootylicous backside, ended up in the inbox of her in-laws. 

"We got my father-in-law for his birthday an iPad. And I don't really know about the cloud," referring to the elusive iCloud, Apple's online storage system which made headlines following the massive celebrity nude photo leak. "I don't really understand where it comes from, but we're all operating under the same…it's the same cloud. And I was sending my beloved husband who was away in L.A. shooting a show, I sent him a cute, adorable butt selfie in my underpants." 

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Sounds pretty innocent, right? Well, expect for the fact the photo was not meant for the eyes of her in-laws. 

"I sent it to my husband and then my mother and father-in-law respond from their email," she shared after demonstrating how she took the belfie in question. "And they're like, ‘Dear Kelly, We're so proud of all your hard work. Your exercise classes are really paying off. And you look great—may God continue to bless you." 

Hey, at least we can all agree Ripa has one bangin' bod. 

Later in the show, Letterman asks the 43-year-old beauty to snap a shot of his butt, and after Ripa took the pic, the 67-year-old comedian proudly replies, "Wow that's tremendous! Send that right off to your father-in-law!" 

Now that might be too much for Ripa's in-laws to handle. 

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