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Is Bruce Willis difficult to work with? Haley Joel Osment doesn't think so!

This week, the 26-year-old actor stopped by HuffPo Live where he was asked about filming the 1999 film The Sixth Sense with Willis. Unlike some other stars who've suggested Willis is hard to work with, Osment only had kind words for the 59-year-old actor.

"I guess I'm lucky," Osment said. "I don't have to be diplomatic because I had a great experience with him. When we were in The Sixth Sense, I think everybody was in the mode of like, 'All right, we have this wonderful thing, let's not mess it up.' So everybody was in a good place. [Director M. Night Shyamalan] created a great atmosphere on the set. Bruce was having fun making that movie."

"I feel bad for those guys because apparently they had a terrible experience but I had a good one," Osment added. "He was nice to me."

Bruce Willis, The Sixth Sense

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Earlier this month, Osment's Tusk co-star Justin Long, who was in the 2007 movie Live Free or Die Hard with Willis, plead the fifth when asked if Willis was difficult to film with.

Long revealed that he and Osment had "very different experiences" working with Willis. "I don't want to disparage anybody or speak ill of anybody that I've worked with," the 36-year-old said.

"I will say this, I have worked with people who are difficult in the past and I've made an effort to not talk about it publicly," Long diplomatically added. "I just don't think it serves anybody. I know that's a really lame, boring answer. I'm sorry."

And back in 2011, Osment and Long's Tusk director Kevin Smith, who directed Willis in the flick Cop Out, trashed Willis and said working with him was "soul-crushing."

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