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You know how I told you I'd  "see you next Tuesday" and you wondered for six long days if I was calling you the C-word? Well, rejoice! I was talking about this here weekly installment of the Spoiler Chat, new every Tuesday, so we can still be friends. (Unless you are a c-word.)

In today's installment, my TV Scoop team and I are answering your burning TV questions (sent in via Twitter and Facebook), and here's all the scoop we have dug up for you...

lilslim142000: Do you have any news on who will be the new Big Bad on #TVD?
You betcha! (This show is not Fargo.) I posed that very question to TVD's fancy-pants boss Julie Plec in between begging for her to keep Alaric alive forever and badgering her for scoop on when Delena will reunite. "There is a big bad. it's a long, slow-burn mythology that will unfold over the course of the entire season and will really impact each of our character in deep ways and it's smart and it's interesting and it's small, which I like," she teases. "Instead of trying to top ourselves year to year, we try to scale back and see if we can keep it really personal and rooted in character." Right. But back to that whole Delena thing...

Winnie234: Does a makeup artist from Outlander really get paid to rub oil on Sam Heughan for 45 minutes each day? How do I sign up for that job!!!!???? Also, how long do we have to wait to see Claire and Jamie together? Loving this show.
Get in line, sister! For you who missed it, we launched a pretty awesome feature going behind the scenes of Outlander, bringing you 16 "fascinating facts," was a hit! You can also learn how Catriona looks so flawless without any makeup, how Sam is basically the hottest nerd ever, which character will provide the most shocking twist, and many more secrets. As for Claire and Jamie on the show, it will be a slow burn and as of episode six, he still hasn't lifted his kilt (that sounded waaaay more dirty than intended but you can blame this damn show), but there is enough chemistry between Claire and Jamie to make you spontaneously burst into flames. It's a slow and crazy-hot burn. Oh, and you know that the man watching Claire in the window outside in the 1940's was Jamie's ghost, right? Chilling!

Monica: LOVED LOVED LOVED Outlander. Will the flashbacks continue so we keep seeing Claire's husband Frank?
Yes, but the flashbacks are sprinkled. It's not overly done.  The show's big boss Ronald D. Moore explains: "So much of the show is her drive to get back to that life and to get back to Frank and I didn't want to lose touch with that. I thought it was important that the audience keep understanding why she keeps trying to get back to those stones. What's waiting for her? What's that life she led? Otherwise, why wouldn't she just hang around here? You have to understand her relationship with Frank and understand that for her, that's home. You have to remind the audience each week and show them more, because they're going to get really invested in the show in the 18th century but she's trying to go to this other place. It's important to keep touching it every once in a while to remind everyone."

Downton Abbey

Courtesy of ©Nick Briggs/Carnival Film and Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

Christina: Got any Downton Abbey spoilers to share, maybe about Lady Mary?
Let's just say season five could easily be subtitled "How Lady Mary Got Her Groove Back." "She's very much out of mourning by series five. For me, it's like a new Mary," Michelle Dockery previews. "She's got her spirit back…she's got her bite back." And yes, that includes her romantic bite. But it will be a slow-burn, as Dockery says Lady Mary is "giving herself time romantically with Gilliam and Blake. She's still not making any quick decisions." 

Yessica9239L: Anything on Pretty Little Liars?
Tonight's episode has one of the best twists form allllll season long. It's harkens back to the first episode ever, and it's pretty awful and twisted. Guesses? Hint: No one had a sex change. Did I just ruin everything?!

Once Upon a Time


Monica: Will Belle and Gold get to be happy for a little while on Once Upon a Time?
Don't bet on it! Robert Carlyle (Gold) teases that they'll be content "maybe in the first episode, but then that's it." Wah! Emilie De Ravin (Belle) points out that Gold is "bipolar" and we shouldn't start thinking he's a good guy. Double wah! Oh, and I have no idea what this means, but when I asked what the trending hashtag might be for the season premiere, Robert said "#Dance." So clearly, Gold will twerk. Duh.

Casey: I still have hope that Nick and Jess will work it out on New Girl! Please tell me there's hope.
I don't want to burst your bubble, so I'll just let Jake Johnson so that instead. "As of now, Nick and Jess are not together," he definitively says. Boo! Hiss! However, there is a silver lining, as he also spills, "She's chasing other guys and Nick is not doing that." We're pretty sure he meant he's not chasing girls either? But we'll take it!

Hayden Panettiere, Nashville

ABC/Mark Levine

Jenna M.: What's coming up for my favorite troublemaker Juliette on Nashville?
Oh, aside from the fact that Hayden Panettiere's real-life pregnancy is definitely being written into the show, setting the stage for some major baby daddy drama? Well, Juliette is heading to Hollywood in an attempt to headline a major biopic about one of country music's most iconic singers. (Hint: her last name starts with a C!) But will an it boy actor, whose already been cast as her onscreen hubby, get in her way? 

Shawn: Bring on the Revenge scoop, I'm dying over here!
If this is a real life-threatening emergency, please hang up and dial 911. If you were just being dramatic, then good for you, 'cause I always am and please pause for the following scoop: David Clarke (James Tupper) is back, as you know, and I am hearing crazy-good things about his storyline! "I'm really excited to be back with the cast, it's super fun," James Tupper says of being resurrected. As for what version of David fans will be meeting? "I think he's been through a lot in his life, he's working it out. He's got a lot of issues. Maybe he needs a therapist?" Because that always goes so well on Revenge.

Mindy Project, Tweet

David Stassen/Twitter

natctf: The Mindy Project? Please? Anything?  
The next stereotypical rom-com scene Mindy Lahiri will tackle and turn on its head? Getting out of a speeding ticket. And before you ask, yes, Danny is involved. (P.S. Mindy Kaling is literally trying to kill me with all of her amazing behind-the-scenes pics she's posting on Instagram.)

Umgirl19: Do you have any scoop on Wade and Zoe? #HartofDixie #spoilerchat
While we don't have anything specific on our favorite Hart of Dixie couple, we do have some extra juicy scoop on the upcoming season of the CW's sweet, southern charmer. Remember when the network president Mark Pedowitz told E! News, "[Creator] Leila Gerstein is planning to have a pregnancy eventually happen to the character of Zoe Hart" when asked about how Rachel Bilson's ridiculously adorable real-life pregnancy might affect the show? That may be happening sooner than you think, since the show is currently casting a female obstetrician in her 40s for episode six. She is described as "a complete professional." We're crossing our fingers for a Zade baby!

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles

Jack Rowand/The CW

@welovejackles: Do you have more Demon Dean scoop?
We do, and straight from the mouth of the man himself, Jensen Ackles, who gave us a bit of info on just how Demon Dean differs from Regular Dean. “It was a tough season for old Dean last year. He was going through a lot… I wanted to take all of that away, all the weight of the world, all the heavy, the guilt, all of that stuff, remove all of that, because Demon Dean does not care. That’s kind of where I went with this character. He is Dean without a care in the world… It’s not comedic, it’s almost scarier. He cares so little for everything and everybody, and he loves it.”

See you next Tuesday!

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Sydney Bucksbaum and Lauren Piester

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