Step aside, Reading Rainbow, a new kiddie show is about to takeover.

In response to the program's wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $5 million to bring the Reading Rainbow app to children everywhere, the masterminds over at Jimmy Kimmel Live teamed up with host LeVar Burton to create a parody of the PBS program, which aired from 1983 to 2006.

As Jimmy Kimmel notes in the hilarious clip, "Now that LeVar has an app, he's setting his sights on another form of popular web-based communication." 

Namely, "Tweeting Rainbow."

Reading Rainbow, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tweeting Rainbow with Levar Burton


After an amusing introductory song—complete with popular hashtags such as #Blessed #Yolo and #Thuglife in addition to a special appearance by the Twitter bird—Burton takes a seat in front of four enthusiastic children before giving the youngsters a lesson on all things related to the Twitterverse.

"Hello and welcome to Tweeting Rainbow. A tweet is a passport into how someone is thinking or feeling at any given moment," Burton explains before sharing a tweet from Mario Lopez (considering the post was a 140-character rant on adult acne, the crowd was less than amused).

"You know, sometimes a tweet is so incredible that you want the whole world to know just how incredible it is. That's called a retweet," he continued, sharing one of Snoop Dogg's posts.

"Put ya face in tha mayo," read the rapper's message.

Reading Rainbow, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tweeting Rainbow with Levar Burton


Burton then proceeds to take the kids on a (very) brief field trip to show them how a tweet is made before he awards one little boy with a "favorite" for his idea to tweet, "I wish nap time could be forever."

The 57-year-old former Star Trek: The Next Generation star concludes by announcing that his phone is about to die, but not before reminding viewers to "join us next time when I start a Twitter feud with @KanyeWest."


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