Lena Headey, Game of Thrones, Elsa, Frozen

Neil Davidsond/HBO, Disney

Two of the Internet's favorite things, Game of Thrones and Frozen, have come together thanks to one glorious mashup trailer. Using footage from the hit Disney movie and dialogue from HBO's high-rated drama, we now have the video below to entertain us and obsess over all summer.

Don't kid yourself, you'd watch more than a 2-minute trailer of this mashup.

While Frozen and Game of Thrones isn't a real thing, the Disney flick's characters are coming to TV on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Elsa, Anna and Kristof will recur during season four of Once Upon a Time. No casting has been set.

The Internet has been in overdrive with Game of Thrones goodies since the season four finale in June. Wil Wheaton gave us a Brady Bunch-inspired opening credits sequence to really break down what Game of Thrones is all about and there's this beauty, a 1980s style opening credits parody that is totally rad.

In other great Game of Thrones visual news, Queen Elizabeth toured the set and stared at the Iron Throne. Sadly, she did not sit on it.

Game of Thrones has already been renewed for a fifth and sixth season by HBO.

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