Parallel parking is hard. Parallel parking is not this hard. What better way to enjoy the last few hours of your workweek than to delight in someone else's misery? The someone in this case is a Portland woman who could not, should not, will not parallel park her compact car in a parking spot that could fit three compact cars.

"How many times has she tried this already?" the cameraman asks as he starts recording. An off-camera voice guesses two, which shouldn't necessarily warrant filming (again, parallel parking is hard), but thank goodness he did because this epic war waged between woman and steering wheel and car and parking space is one for the ages.

We'd GIF it for you, but it's better just to laugh along with the narrator. And make sure you stick around for the twist ending (spoiler alert: Just when you think she's finally, finally nailed it, she gives up and drives away).

Happy Friday! Maybe just take a cab tonight! 

(H/T Gawker)

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