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Boy Meets World is back! Kind of.

Tonight, Cory and Topanga return to our TV screens as parents, and while that concept completely freaks us out and activates our occasional "We're so old!" alarm, it also excites us to the point of pouring ourselves a glass of wine and enthusiastically turning on the Disney Channel, with no kids in sight.

It's now some years after Cory and Topanga moved to New York at the end of Boy Meets World. They have a teenage daughter and a 5-year-old son, and Cory is, of course, the middle school history teacher, a k a every middle schooler's dream dad.

The return of Cory and Topanga got us thinking about some of our other favorite (and not so favorite) couples from various dearly departed TV shows. Whatever happened to Ben and Felicity? Luke and Lorelai? Sydney and Vaughn? David and Donna? And what about Kelly and Ryan, after they abandoned Ryan's infant son and ran off together at the end of the Office finale? 

Favorite TV Couples

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Luckily for all of you out there asking those very questions, we took the time to imagine a scenario in which these characters would star in their own spin-off, and have presented short summaries (pitches, if you will) of these potential shows. It was hard work, but we managed it, just for you.

So if you're just as curious as to what your TV faves are up to now, click through our gallery and be prepared for a magical journey that you will never (not) forget. 

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