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Bravo, Daily Show.

Jon Stewart's satirical Comedy Central news program recently presented an all-too-honest look at the double standards relating to men and women when it comes to attitudes and actions toward sexual assault.

On an episode that aired Wednesday, the host criticized James Madison University's recent decision to expel three male students "upon graduation," after they were found responsible for sexual assaulting and harrassing a woman in 2013, according to Harrisburg, Virginia-based TV station WHSV. The three had reportedly pulled part of a seemingly drunk female student's bikini off during spring break, recorded her topless with a cell phone and distributed the video among their peers.

"Yes! Justice! Unbe—wait a minute..." Stewart said.

The Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams (also known for her role as Hannah's ex-coworker in Girls) and Jordan Klepper then presented at least 13 tips on how to avoid sexual assault, on- and off-campus.

While Klepper offered a seemingly casual, somewhat sexist male perspective (made up of mostly cliché partying slogans such as "Beer before liquor, never been sicker" and "Bros before hos"), Williams gave the audience a brutally sobering look at the dangers women often face during nights out (and also included Whoopi Goldberg's famous line from the movie Ghost).

Check out three examples of useful safety tips she presented:

1. "Ladies, never lose sight of your drink, ever. Don't be a doofie—watch out for a roofie!"

2. "Friends don't let friends stay at a party drunk. Girls, get her out of there. Call a cab and from an actual cab company that has a website, not just some creepy guy with a yellow car."

3. "When you're in the cab, follow your route on Google Maps. If the driver makes a weird left turn, drop a pin on the map, call 911 and get ready to jump, girl, you in danger!"

"You're telling me that women just spend their whole day navigating an obstacle course of sexual menace?" Klepper asked Williams.

"Yeah, pretty much," she replied.

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Seriously," she replied.

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