If you go on Discovery's Naked and Afraid you know you've got to lose 1. Your inhibitions and 2. Your Clothes, but bet you didn't know your hair was also at risk.

In our exclusive sneak peek at the ridiculous (in a good way) reality show, Lindsey, a participant in the season premiere, gives up some of her lovely locks in order to start a fire. She spared Luke's dreadlocks because she said he's been doing so much for them. How sweet.

Yep, it was a hatchet haircut.

Naked and Afraid


"It's so we can get fire. Just do it before I change my mind," Lindsey says in the clip above.

Luke didn't stop at one piece. Three chunks were cut to make a stronger braid for their needs. That's dedication, people.

Naked and Afraid returns with new episodes on Sunday, June 29 at 10 p.m. on Discovery.

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