Do anything fun yesterday? Because Vanessa Hudgens hiked eight miles with her pals then struck a super-sexy pose with a waterfall—you know, standard Tuesday stuff!

It had been a few hours since the 25-year-old Gimme Shelter star last Instagramed a midriff-baring pic, so an ab-tastic, full-bod bikini shot (her swimsuit is from TRIANGL, FYI) was more than needed in the social media-sphere. Now, when you look like that, you need not explain why you're showing the world your figure. But instead of screaming, "I'm sexy and I know it" (or singing it, LMFAO-style, as most of us would do in a Freaky Friday situation), Vanessa played it off, simply captioning her OMG-worthy swimsuit shot, "the 8-mile hike paid off."

Yes, girl, it did, but that's a bit of an undersell, or, at the very least, a bit of a humblebrag, no?

Well, if we're being fair, though, the former Disney star does work hard for that flawless physique—and we don't just mean the occasional eight-mile hikes (which happen to be conducive to selfies). Just last week at Svedka Vodka's Summer Samba Event in Beverly Hills, Vanessa told E! News  that she's also a big fan of Pilates, and—this is the kicker—she also believes that "abs are made in the kitchen."

So, while cold pizza might be the breakfast of champions, we all know that the breakfast hot-bodied bikini babes, it is not. Instead, Vanessa will typically "have a smoothie with lots of vitamins," she said, noting that she likes "to add spirulina [a type of blue-green algae], spinach, almond milk, almond butter, kale…just anything that has a lot of nutrients."

Gulp, OK. Retracting the humblebrag comment from before, because drinking that smoothie is—literally—no piece of cake.

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