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Keeping Miley Cyrus' lady parts covered is apparently a family endeavor.

The 21-year-old pop superstar, talking to Australia's 2Day FM, was asked by host Sophie Monk whether she shaves or waxes, on account of the very high-cut leotards that make up a large part of her Bangerz Tour wardrobe.

"My sister—what channel are we on right now, so I can't say 'p--sy,'" Miley initially stopped herself. But after Sophie informed her that she could use the p-word, even saying it herself for good measure, Miley then revealsed that 14-year-old Noah Cyrus is her "p--sy police." 

"She makes sure that, you know, everything is staying intact," the singer explained. 

Right before explaining Noah's role in wardrobe malfunction prevention, Miley revealed, "I never shave my legs because I have these really amazing tights."

"I've got some tights on," she demonstrated, rubbing her legs, "so then I don't have to deal with that. But they're not like the Spanx-y tights, just so I can be lazy and I don't have to tan, even though I just got back from vacation so I'm a little bit more tan than usual...But yeah, I definitely rock the tights, but that's like one of those things.

"You definitely can't wax...because you have to wait a certain amount of time and you don't really have that kind of time, so you've just got to hope to god that this, like, unitard covers everything that it has to cover."

So is Noah being, er, groomed for the spotlight as well?

"She's a natural entertainer, even when I'm with her I'll feel like sometimes...'Oh my god, she's totally stealing my shine,'" Miley described her baby sister's strong presence. "Like, if she's in the room...all the attention is on Noah, and she's the only person that I've ever known—she gets more of that attention than me. And she's kind of like a natural at it, so I feel like if she wanted to do it I wouldn't stop her.

"But," Miley added, "she's really into sports, she loves horses, so I'm going to keep her on that and keep her kind of...that innocence as long as I can."

"It's more just about people invading your life," Miley, a seasoned showbiz veteran at 21, added. "It takes someone who's really strong and I obviously don't care too much what people think."

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