Lindsay Lohan

Mark Robert Milan/GC Images

We're never quite sure what to do with our fabulous fall boots come the warm weather months. They've never been assigned an equivalent "no white before Memorial Day" rule (though even that is totally ancient), and sometimes a hot summer LBD really does look great with a tall leather pair. So what's a shoe loving girl to do?

According to Lindsay Lohan, screw the seasons. Long live the boots!

To give the former teen starlet some credit, these studded leg-covers do feature a peep toe and she is wearing them with a mini, sheer white dress (Or is that an oversized top? We can never tell with her). But there's no denying that those are thick, hot biker-style boots on a thick, hot June NYC night. We can't imagine there's much ventilation through the tiny toe hole, meaning LiLo's legs are probably incredibly sweaty. And there's nothing worse than feeling sticky on account of your style.

That alone makes this a "make it stop" moment in our book. What's your say?

Lindsay Lohan's Thigh Highs
What's your take on Lindsay's fall footwear for summer?
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