Lady Gaga


There is only one place that a woman can get this look and that's as a bridal shower gift from her Aunt Carmella in 1979.  We don't know if Lady Gaga has an Aunt Carmella who handed down this sexy nightgown, but we do know that 100% of women in the '70s wore this exact look during their honeymoon to Hawaii, including the hair. 

So why is the "G.U.Y." singer wearing it on a street in Manhattan? The world may never know.

But here's the thing, minus the super baggy fit and ridiculous wig, we kind of love this look! The blush is a sexy but still sweet color, that plunging neckline turns the heat up another notch, and the belted embellishment adds a nice touch. If the whole thing were just three sizes smaller, it would be a fabulous fashion statement.

So we guess the moral of this story is to call your mom and ask her for all of her honeymoon lingerie! Hhmm, on second thought, maybe you can find a similar, way-less-creepy option online.

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