Robert Pattinson didn't need a dialect coach to master his Southern twang for The Rover—he just turned to reality TV!

The 27-year-old British actor joked that he watched Swamp Wars to prepare for the role, telling E! News of his movie accent, "That actually might be where it came from!"

Really, though, the former Twilight hunk "was just kind of hoping" he was speaking accurately. "I was with a bunch of Australians," he said, "and would ask, 'Does this sound Southern?'"

Rob, Guy Pearce, director David Michod and the rest of The Rover cast and crew actually filmed in a remote, desert-like part of Australia. One less than glamorous aspect of shooting? Flies everywhere!

"The only place you could get rid of the flies was the swimming pool," Rob recalled laughingly. "You'd literally be having a conversation, then you'd just hold your breath and try and stay underneath [the water] as long as possible for fly relief!"

The experience was well worth it for Rob, though, and actually preferable to the next place he shot a movie. Why? Because there, R.Pattz constantly encountered "one of the most embarrassing things in the world"—so embarrassing, it made him want to "hide in a corner or something."

So what is this totally embarrassing thing Rob will "never" get used to? Watch the clip above to find out!

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