Shailene Woodley isn't the only homeless Hollywood star.

The Rover's Robert Pattinson revealed that he too is without a home on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "Last time you were here, you told me your living arrangements were a little bit shaky. You said you were living under an archway next to some garbage cans," Jimmy Kimmel said. "Is that still the case?""I wish," the 28-year-old British actor said, laughing. "It's gone way downhill!" According to Pattinson, "My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing from someone else. They kicked me out of it when I got back from [filming a movie in] Toronto. That's the end of that. So I'm now homeless again."

Pattinson admitted he's "not entirely sure" where his belongings are stored. "I wish I knew," he said.

"I think I have some storage spaces that have some kind of secret key to them," the movie star added.

Kimmel then teased Pattinson for often lying in interviews. That led the actor to reveal that he has "extraordinarily heavy saliva." And yes, he's serious. "It's funny," he said. "I noticed it the other day."

"If I try and spit, I can only get it about a foot," the Maps to the Stars star said. "Someone informed me the other day it's because I have very heavy saliva. I thought it's because I didn't have much lip power."

Pattinson then admitted he was "self-conscious" about opening his mouth. Still, that didn't stop him from asking Kimmel, "Have you ever had someone spit on you in kind of an erotic way?" Kimmel hadn't experienced that, but Pattinson might have—if he was telling the truth. "It's pretty great," he said.

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