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Oh, you didn't know? Ellen DeGeneres was also part of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding extravaganza!

OK, clearly that's not true, but the funnywoman still found a way to become a part of the Kimye festivities with the help of some technology, and incorporated her computerized masterpiece into Instagram's popular #ThrowbackThursday. In a successful attempt at bringing on some laughs, DeGeneres Photoshopped herself into Kim and Kanye's famous kiss picture from their nuptials.

Properly dressed for the occasion, a suited Ellen pops out from behind the newlyweds and flashes a big smile for the camera. "Happy #ThrowbackThursday," the caption read.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Wedding Exclusive

Ellen sure picked a good photo, too.

The snapshot of the sweet smooch got so many likes on Instagram that it ended up breaking a record!

The photo of Kimye sealing their marriage with a kiss at the altar currently has 2.27 million likes (and counting), ultimately leading to the brunette beauty knocking Justin Bieber off the top spot (whose photo with his former flame Selena Gomez got people double-tapping like crazy) and taking the title for most likes on Instagram.

Kim and Kanye's international nuptials were so hush-hush and top-secret, that people were anxiously waiting to get a glimpse of the lavish occasion. Luckily, they didn't have to wait too long. E! News exclusively revealed a few photos from the ceremony shortly after it took place, and just as we imagined, the pair (and the set up) was absolutely stunning.

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