Rose Byrne

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Is Rose Byrne wearing the look we've been waiting for since Man first decided we'll someday be wearing silver once-piece space suits?!

We were planning on something a little more tinfoil-like and a little less chic, but this will certainly do. Though if this means the men of the future will be marching around in strapless tops with a ruffled front, we might have a bigger problem than surviving Armageddon.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for the 2050 wardrobe, but in the here and now, The Internship star looks incredibly hot! Not only does this Max Mara suit fit her like a glove but the metallic is successfully shiny and bold without landing in tacky territory. The waistline hits just right, that flat of fabric adds some drama up top, and the pants are the perfect length (brushingnot crumbling on the floor).

So if there isn't already a plan for what our children's children's children will be wearing when we all ship off to Mars, we vote that Rose and the fine folks at Max Mara get put on the design team. Hopefully someone at NASA is reading this post...

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