Lady Gaga


Ah, there's nothing like a good Lady Gaga look to get you through the day. This one has some of our favorite elements: a giant wig, an accessory that makes no sense, and an adorable puppy! We checked and this may be the first time a little dog has been included in a look, so three cheers right off the bat for that!

But what we love more than anything else is the complete and utter confusion the "G.U.Y" singer's look inspires. It's like a ready-to-wear riddle: What does the "Applause" artist's outfit mean? We'll be wracking our brains from sunrise 'til sundown...

Here's what we've come up with so far:

1. Lady Gaga is a super fancy circus act. Everything about that collar says "clown" and yet the double-breasted dress is straight out of an Upper East Side memorial service. Maybe Taylor Kinney's main squeeze is performing a modern sad clown act? If so, it's working because we're officially depressed. 

2. Lady Gaga is a lady of the 18th century music scene. Why else the Mozart collar and dress? Is this some kind of suggestion that the New York native is as much of a genius as the Austrian sensation? Somewhere Wolfy just rolled over in his grave...

3. Lady Gaga is a confused ballerina. Girl, the tutu goes around your waistnot your neck! That's what she gets for going to pop star camp instead of dance class.

Bottom line: We don't know what goes on inside this wild style lover's head nor does it really matter. By the time we come up with an answer, she'll have another insane outfit for us to critique.

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