Anna Faris

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It's like Anna Faris is asking for a text from a certain blonde-haired Vegas show-stopper that reads, "I'm Britney, bitch."

While that would be the world's coolest message to receive, we're not so sure that a Britney Spears copy is what Mrs. Chris Pratt was going for with this skin-tight black cocktail frock. Still there is so much to this shape and style mixed with the CBS star's long locks done up in a quintessential early '00s updo, making it a total style steal!

Unfortunately, we're not fans of the look on this funny girl. The color is too dark for her peaches and cream skin and the shape feels way too "been there, done that" (in 2001). Maybe the same design in a hot pink or cool blue would have been a better choice for early June, but we'd still have to do something about those clunky, chunky shoes that look like they came straight out of Hot Topic.

And yet if we saw this on Britney, we'd say she hasn't looked this hot in years. Sorry, Anna. World-famous pop stars who have been through major personal issues in the public eye play by different rules.

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