Chasing Life

ABC Family

So were we right or were we right when we told you your emotions were about to take a little bit of a roller coast ride?

The series premiere of ABC Family's newest drama just graced our screens, complete with a last-minute twist that we were most certainly not expecting.

Italia Ricci stars as April Carver, a 24 year-old low-end reporter who lives with her mother, sister, and grandmother after the death of her father.  Her sister likes to get into trouble and her mother wants to start dating again, and neither one knows what they would do without April's help. Meanwhile, April's trying to get her own life together while going on dates with a coworker and attempting to move up in her job.

Things take a turn when, after a fainting incident at a blood drive, her estranged oncologist uncle tests her blood and tells her she has cancer, putting all of her troubles in a whole new perspective. April can't find a way to tell any of those closest to her about the diagnosis, and finds that the only place she can let it all out is at her father's grave. As she leaves the cemetery, she passes another young woman who claims to be visiting her father's grave, and as April looks back, she realizes that the woman is visiting the same grave she just walked away from. Talk about family drama! 

"One of the best things about Chasing Life is that it's a show about a girl who's living life, but it just has a little side of cancer," Ricci shared with E! Online. "Cancer doesn't have to take over your whole world and that's something that April goes through in deciding not to let it have the power that it could."

So what did you think of the premiere? Will you continue to tune in, especially to find out what happened between April's uncle and the rest of the family? Sound off in the comments! 

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