During the first elimination round, escapees realized that it's not all fun in the sun on Escape Club, which features six guys and six girls competing for a year's paid vacation.

Elly Kho certainly didn't hold back her feelings towards fellow escapee Whitney Coulas, who orchestrated the master plan that sent Elly home.

"Let me call you in ten years when your crow's feet start kicking in and nobody wants to marry you, I promise!" Elly taunts from across the room.

EC Clip, Elly Insane

"Elly, f--- you, my plan worked and you're leaving," Whitney reveals to the camera. "Get the f--- out of here."

"You're gonna age faster than any woman here," Elly continues with her rant.

Watch the above clip to see more of Elly's epic rant as well as the reactions from the other escapees!

Tune-in to an all-new Escape Club this Sunday at 10/9c!

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