Selfie Hair on Fire

B - Minus / YouTube

The title of this video is "Wait, is your hair on fire?" and, if you allow us to dabble in spoilers for a moment, the answer is yes. This girl's hair is on fire. And it's on fire because she was trying to take a selfie.

This is just the latest trauma caused by selfies (previously: Two girls crashed their car while taking a selfie, uploaded the video from the hospital anyway). Selfies are a clear and present danger. Selfies must be stopped. 

(WARNING: Contains explicit language because HER F--KING HAIR IS ON FIRE.)

For the record, the woman in the video, Lindsey Bowers, appears to be unharmed, as she commented on the Buzzfeed post about the incident that she had been "well and truly told."

The video also works as a PSA: If you're going to film something with your iPhone, hold your phone horizontally, people. No one wants to watch a vertical video. And then poor Lindsey wouldn't have had to lean so far to squeeze in. Be good to yourselves out there, and to each other.

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