To help kick off the upcoming show premiere of Escape Club in just two days, we sat down with escapees Lisa Baldassarre and Aundre Dean, who gave us the inside scoop on all of the hot hookups and messy drama that went down!

"My mother was like, 'Lisa, you better not have sex on national television!'" Lisa said with a laugh, although both she and Aundre admitted that they were initially nervous about their antics being exposed on national television for all to see.

"But there are definitely hot, hot hookups," she added.

Aundre found himself in a bit of a sticky situation when a female from his past showed up...around the same time he was talking to a different girl from the resort!

"Once I saw the first house guest I knew for sure mine was coming," he said. "It was only a matter of time."

Escape Club Cast

Jeff Lipsky/E!

As for the drama? There was plenty of it...and it was all real.

"There were enemies, there were fights, there were wars," Aundre revealed. "It was the whole nine. When you put 12 people in a house with different personalities, you're gonna get tired of seeing the same people but you have no choice."

"It was all of the crazy twists and turnsevery second I was like, 'Is this happening right now?'" Lisa added. "It was the craziest experience I've ever had in my whole life."

Tune-in to the series premiere of Escape Club this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

Reporting by Kamala Kirk and Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

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