Justin Timberlake, Aaron Paul

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Jessica Biel, watch out—Justin Timberlake may have a hot bromance cooking.

The 33-year-old pop star/actor and Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul exchanged funny Twitter messages on Thursday, June 5, after Timberlake tweeted what many people have been thinking repeatedly over the past 250 days, since the hit AMC series ended its five-season run.

"I miss you too man," replied Paul, 34, who played Jesse Pinkman on the show. "We should hangout and eat some pizza."

Timberlake responded in the most perfect way, posting a Vine video of one of the most, er, interesting pizza creations of all time—a pie topped with waffle fries and Chick-fil-A fried chicken and what appears to be the fast food chain's signature honey roasted BBQ sauce. (Warning: Do not watch if you're hungry, for better or for worse.)

"Can I be honest?" Paul replied. "I think I may love that pizza in an emotional way."

"Right??" Timberlake said. "It's criminal. ."

If this pizza date does happen, here are three possible topics of discussion for the two:

1. Favorite Nicolas Cage movie (always a good conversation-starter)

2. Alternate endings for Breaking Bad

3. The best way to help a fan stage a wedding proposal, as both Timberlake and Paul have personal experience with this.

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