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Stephen Colbert wanted to address the pressing topic at hand right off the bat, so he gave Jonah Hill yet another chance to apologize.

But this time, the 22 Jump Street star refused.

"Before we get started, I just want to get something out of the way, the elephant in the room," Colbert began his grilling of Hill on Wednesday's Colbert Report. "Learned something disturbing recently. was revealed that you are friends with Adam Levine. Would you like to apologize, because I have had 'Moves Like Jagger' in my head for three years and someone needs to say they're f--king sorry for that."

"He's a great guy—the song's too catchy," Hill laughed, refusing to play ball.

The joke being, of course, that the actual elephant in the room was the homophobic slur Hill angrily directed at a paparazzo who was trailing him a couple of days ago, a screw-up he has apologized for during every appearance since, starting with The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

But Colbert took the acknowledgement-by-way-of-pretending-to-ignore route, and that got the point across perfectly so that he and Hill could have time for another far more pressing topic: 

How very unfair it is that Channing Tatum looks the way he does and is super-funny, too, when Hill is more like "dumpy Tom Hanks" thanks to his easy transition back and forth between comedies and dramas.

22 Jump Street

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"You're hilarious [in 22 Jump Street], but he's hilarious in it, too, and this is a picture of him," Colbert said as a pic of a shirtless Tatum wearing only a Magic Mike bow tie descended from above. "Is that fair? Correct me if I'm wrong...I thought comedians became comedians because in high school they were living in the primordial ooze."

"Does it make you angry?" Colbert asked. "That doesn't make you angry at all? Look at it!"

Watch the video to see Hill hem and haw before admitting he totally "f--king hates" it.

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