Anderson Cooper treated himself to a sinfully delicious fast food meal and us to an adorable throwback pic...and we're lovin' it!

The Silver Fox, known both for being a big McDonald's fan as well as for his fine physique, probably giggled his famous giggle of delight while indulging in one of his favorite combos on Tuesday, June 3, the day he turned 47.

"Didn't have time to eat a meal today so I celebrated my birthday with a Big Mac and fries. So good," the Cooper tweeted that evening.

The CNN host also shared on his Instagram page a throwback photo of himself as a baby, saying, "Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes!"

Cooper has tweeted about his love for Big Macs before and had said on his now-cancelled talk show Anderson Live in 2013 that he is a "total McDonald's person." He has also admitted to being a picky eater, often consuming the same foods for extended periods of time, and once staged a food intervention for himself on his series.

Meanwhile, his co-workers, including CNN's Wolf Blitzer and HLN's Dr. Drew, took part in a suprise on-air birthday tribute during his "Ridiculist" segment on Tuesday. Ellen DeGeneres also tweeted her congrats.

"Happy birthday, @AndersonCooper!" she said. "Your 1st name may be a last name, & your last may be a 1st name, but, I forgot where I was going with this."

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