Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott did their best to address the unanswered questions surrounding their tumultuous marriage during Tuesday's True Tori reunion special, which capped their docu-series.

Interviewer Brooke Anderson grilled the couple on both the decision to let cameras follow their family and the current state of their relationship, with a solo Spelling beginning by saying things are "good."

"I wasn't going to let people talk about my relationship and what decision I should make," she said.

Why hasn't she divorced McDermott after he admitting to cheating on her with Emily Goodhand in December 2013? "There's a family and there's a love," Spelling said. "We have four kids together."

The kids weren't the only reason Spelling fought for her marriage. "I'm also in love with him," she said.

Many criticized the Mystery Girls star for making her private pain public, but Spelling never wavered. In fact, she plans to show her kids the footage one day. "I want them to watch this show when they're adults. I want to be honest with them, and show them this and talk about this, and say we made it through," she said. The 41-year-old then added, "I hope to be able to tell them about a happy ending."

"I'm proud of the woman I've become," the mom of four continued, "and I want them to see that."

During McDermott's solo interview, he called the experience both "humbling" and "horrific."

"I wanted to own up to it and make things right," said the Chopped Canada host, who admitted to contemplating suicide in a prior episode. "I wanted people to see that it's not the end of the road."

McDermott hasn't seen every episode because the experience is still "raw" and could "trigger" him.

After seeking professional help, how is he now? "I know today I'm sober. I'm in love with my wife. We're together. I love my children," he said. "And I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize that."

The couple's joint interview was just as revelatory. In response to reports that McDermott's affair was faked, cheating partner Emily Goodhand isn't a real person and that the Lifetime series was "all a ploy for a successful reality series," Spelling, "I wish she didn't exist. I wish it hadn't happened."

"I don't know who would fake something to have this to happen to your life. My family was, and still is, in complete devastation over this," the former teen queen said. "I wouldn't wish this on anything."

Anderson then pointed out that Goodhand hasn't been found anywhere online. "People get their histories scrubbed all the time," McDermott said. "There's things you can do to erase your profiles online and stuff like that." He added, "I understand why people would think that, but she exists."

Trust issues still linger. While McDermott works in Canada, she has surveillance cameras tracking him. "I know I won't be able to forget what he did," the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress said of her husband's extramarital affair with Goodhand, "but I hope in some form I'll be able to forgive him and move on."

The special ended with McDermott singing a ballad he wrote for Spelling. The couple then professed their mutual admiration. "I love you," McDermott told his wife of eight years. "And I'm sorry forever."

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