Ricky Gervais, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Move over, Words With Friends. "Word Sneak" between pals is far funnier.

"Have you ever had Richard Gere on the show?" Ricky Gervais asked Jimmy Fallon during a round of the new late-night staple as the word "gerbil" flashed at the bottom of the screen, one of five terms the British funnyman needed to sneak into conversation with the Tonight Show host as per the rules of the game.

The audience laughed knowingly and those giggles extended to the stage during the comical game, during which the Derek star also had to grapple with words such as "nip slip" and "breadsticks."

Both Gervais and Fallon failed miserably—albeit hilariously—to keep it together as there was nothing seamless nor smooth about their random usage of terms like "mullet," "Spanx" and "squeegee."

Prepare to laugh your "fanny pack" off as you watch the video below—and find out Fallon's nickname for his penis.

Hint: It's not "squeegee."

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