The Bachelorette, Andi Dorkman

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Tonight on The Bachelorette, we discovered that no one should ever force reality TV contestants to pretend they are in a boy band and that Andi Dorfman is very nearly flawless. Plus, we saw what she and one of the guys would look like if they were old, because why not?

Andi and Nick really seemed to hit it off as they shared a day of hiking and bike-riding and then a romantic evening in the Santa Barbara courthouse. Andi grilled Nick about past relationship  and why he isn't married but all of his friends are. They got pretty close and ended the date with a bit of a smooch sesh and a rose.  

Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, and Marcus all got to go on a group date, and all we wanted to do was mute the TV for a while. The guys got singing lessons from Boyz II Men and then had to perform their sexiest hit, "I'll Make Love to You," at an outdoor Boyz II Men concert. Bradley was so confident in his opera skills that he assumed he would rule over the other guys. He was wrong...and embarrassing. Josh forgot the lyrics, but was charming and ever-so-slightly capable of carrying a tune, so he walked away with the group date rose (and a kiss). The members of Boyz II Men also confirmed for us that Andi is not a good singer and that if this group date was any indication of her choices, she might just end up by herself.

Later, Andi took Cody aside to ask him about a rumor she had heard about him having a girlfriend. He immediately tried to defend himself, before she revealed that the so-called girlfriend was a stripper in some sort of strange prank, which Cody took as a positive sign, because she was thinking of him. Aww? 


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While they were on their date, Ron packed up and left, after informing the guys that he had to leave due to a close friend passing away, which was very sad.

And in the night's most awkward moment, Andi received a giant bouquet of flowers and a sweet note from Nick...while spending a bit of one-on-one time with Eric. It made Eric feel bad and Andi felt bad that she couldn't hide the grin on her face. Nick is clearly doing pretty well in the competition for Andi's heart, which becomes even clearer when she talks to him later.

At the cocktail party, JJ told Josh about Andrew having gotten a girl's number and they confronted Andrew about it. He refused to talk to them, so they kind of chased him around the party for a minute, asking him if that's really the kind of guy he is. He eventually admitted it to the guys, but not to Andi, so we'll have to see where that goes.

Elimination: In the end, Brett and Bradley were sent home without roses, and we're kind of ok with losing Bradley because we really, really don't need any more terrible opera singing.

So what do you think? Did the right guys go home? Who do you think will tell Andi about Andrew first? Who do you think is the frontrunner? Head to the comments and talk it out! 

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