Miley Cyrus

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

We're not sure what's more surprisingthat Miley Cyrus is wearing two costumes that remind us of famous objects or that we actually like both of the looks despite that fact! It's probably the latter since the "We Can't Stop" singer is always wearing something that reminds us of famous objects (and by famous, we mean awkward).

Today it's a crystal Kaufmanfranco column that could easily take the place of the Times Square countdown ball, and a giant Giambattista Valli gown that looks like it was crafted from a dozen impressionist paintings. So which artistic attire makes for the better look?

We're torn between the incredibly sexy shape of the silvery dress and the gorgeous pattern on the strapless creation. The sparkler that this former Disney diva wore to accept her World Music Award feels much more "Miley" but that's what we love about the girlier gown. It's unexpected but still edgy, which is technically what this country crossover is all about. 

For that reason alone, we're going to pick the floral wonder. It may be the last time we ever see a look this elegant on the "FU" singer, so we feel it should be celebrated. You?

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