Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff

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Zach Braff's new movie, Wish I Was Here, is almost, well, here.

The actor-director's Kickstarter-funded flick hits theaters on July 18, but for now only E! News has the exclusive first look at the movie's new colorful poster.

The one-sheet features Braff in a shirt and tie holding a "swear jar," Kate Hudson in a tank top, young Joey King donning a pink wig as well as Braff in a spacesuit.

Wish I Was Here, financed for $3 million through a Kickstarter campaign, tells the story of Aidan Bloom (Braff), a struggling actor trying to make his way in life as a husband and father.

"If this is the test case for this way of financing a movie, I want to set the bar really, really high," the Scrubs star told E! News during an on-set visit in August.

Zach Braff, Wish I Was Here


Co-star Josh Gad said, "What fascinated me more than anything was the process of this Kickstarter campaign and getting the money through crowd-funding," Gad also told E! "It really does feel like you're making a movie for the people."

Rounding out the cast are Mandy Patinkin, Ashley Greene, Jim Parsons and Braff's Scrubs co-star Donald Fasion.

Braff co-wrote the script with his brother, Adam Braff.

Wish I Was Here debuted to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Calling Wish I Was Here a "great movie," Hitfix's Drew McWeeny also wrote in his review that the film is "beautifully shot, elegantly written and packed with genuine wisdom."

He urged movie-goers to "see the film as soon as possible."

July 18 can't come soon enough.

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