McDonald's Cheeseburger


Here's one of those word riddles you did back in school: All stoned people like fast food. But not every person eating fast food is stoned. Thus, so and so forth, and in conclusion, we can assume that not everyone eating a McDonald's cheeseburger would enjoy finding marijuana in it.

Especially this pregnant woman from Iowa.

An engaged couple from Ottumwa say they bit into their double cheeseburgers and found a "plant material, which smelled and looked like marijuana." Police were called and Ottumwa Police Lt. Jason Bell told The Des Moines Register the material "appears to be consistent with marijuana."

The couple saved the evidence (thankfully, one mouthful of marijuana does not the munchies make, so the couple were able to resist consuming the burgers) and handled them over to the police, who will test the patties. The process could take up to two months to complete.

In the meantime, no charges have been filed. This isn't the first time a fast food restaurant has had a McDrug Problem: Last year, 4-year-old found a marijuana pipe in a Burger King Kid's Meal, and a customer at a Wendy's in George found a half-smoked blunt in a cheeseburger. Not to mention the McDonald's employee who was arrested for dealing heroin via drive-thru Happy Meals. 

As for the couple, they say they now "have a hard time trusting food when they go out."

(H/T Kitchenette)

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