I Wanna Marry Harry, Matthew Hicks

Chris Raphael/FOX

There's nothing better than a summer TV guilty pleasure, and this year we have I Wanna Marry "Harry" to fill that very need. 

The premise is simple: 12 American girls are brought to a sprawling English estate where they compete for the affection of somebody who looks an awful lot like Prince Harry. Spoiler alert: He's not Prince Harry. It's Joe Millionaire with a royal twist.

We've seen the first episode (airing Tuesday, May 27 on FOX) and have to say, we were shocked at how utterly entertaining we found it. Aside from the ridiculous and fascinating fact that these girls (some with Ph.D's!) actually believe Prince Harry is doing a reality TV romance competition show, some actual, honest feelings develop, and you can't hep but root for the guy to find love!

"Harry's" name, by the way, is Matthew Hicks and seems as sweet as could be, and slightly mortified at what he's gotten himself into. He also rides a bike and has barely a nickel to his name.

In the exclusive gallery below, get a first look at photos of all the shenanigans that go down in the Fox reality series' first episode. There's an outdoor reception for the contestants—we can only assume somebody will say something catty and wonderful—and later a masquerade ball with "Harry" (Matt Hicks).

The masquerade ball idea, by the way, is genious, because it forces Matt and the girls to first see if they can connect on a deeper level, before they see how each other actually looks. Sort of  The Voice of reality dating shows, if you will.

We're in.

I Wanna Marry "Harry" premieres Tuesday, May 20, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Check out the exclusive pics below!

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