Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Weir, Man Bags

Getty Images; x17online.com

We've always thought that life wasn't fair for the fashion-minded male. Women get to carry all their essentials around in any kind of bag they choose, but the guys are limited to pants and jacket pockets. The cargo short was an attempt at a solution (that we don't fully support), but it looks like some celebs are just giving up and rocking a murse!

But as much as we want to support all the confident fellas in the house, we're not sure every male purse is fair game.

Ryan Gosling's rugged back-pack: yes. Usher and Jay-Z's chic weekenders: fine. Johnny Weir's chic Birkin: perfect for him. But Terrence Howard's clutch and Pharrell Williams' giant purple tote are a big no-no.

Click the images below to check out more men bravely rocking bags of all kinds. And while you're looking, try to decide if you'd ever let the man in your life do the same.

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