Apparently, Zac Efron isn't familiar with the rules of broadcast TV.

The 26-year-old stud appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and accidentally dropped not just one, but two F-bombs while promoting his film Neighbors.

Efron stars alongside Seth Rogen in the hilarious frat house flick, which has earned rave reviews thus far, and while speaking about the Nicholas Stoller-directed comedy, the former Disney hottie couldn't help but put a few expletives to use while opening up about the laugh-out-loud-worthy scenes.

For starters, why is Zac always shirtless (besides the fact that he looks perfect)? Apparently, it takes an F-bomb to explain.

VIDEO: Seth Rogen and Zac Efron party-down

Zac Efron


"I heard Seth was making you take your shirt off for no reason," Fallon says.

"Yeah, constantly, and I idolize Seth, this is my hero, honor to work with him. I would do anything at his command. He would say 'OK, Zac, shirt off for this scene' and I would say 'OK, yes sir.' Eventually I realized that the cameras weren't even pointed my direction and like we're in a scene that we've already shot coverage for it and I had my shirt on and it's outside and he was just f--king with me."

To which Fallon replies: "I don't think you can say that on TV."

Zac Efron, Seth Rogen

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The funnyman's second edit to Efron's interview occurs while the two are chatting about the injury Zac sustained on set after he broke his hand during a fight scene—except it wasn't your traditional brawl.

"We did all our own was a standoff between, basically he sleeps with my girlfriend," he says of the scene with Dave Franco before Fallon interjects, "I know, I saw the movie, but you don't punch his face."

"No I grab his balls really hard," Efron says. "And he grabs mine...those Franco brothers just have balls of steel. But I did legitimately break my hand."

And last but certainly not least, the second swear-word snafu occurs when the two are talking about the stunts in the flick and Fallon mentions one particular scene when Rogen wraps a string of Christmas lights around Efron's leg and yanks him back into a room.

"That actually happened. He literally flung a string of Christmas lights, and I went, 'How the f--k?'" he says before adorably covering his mouth and exclaiming, "Excuse me."

"You've seen the show before, have you?" Fallon asks with a laugh.

Who cares? We adore you, Zac.

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