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Oh hey, Wednesday, everybody's favorite nonsensically-spelled day of the week! Tonight, CSI said goodbye to a longtime character, the FLOTUS visited Nashville, and Arrow paved the way for an insane season finale. Plus, American Idol and Survivor: Cagayan are getting down to the wire, with winners to be crowned in just a couple weeks! If you're not caught up on your Hump Day shows, get out while you can, but if you are, read on...

CSI: Twitter was abuzz with one thing about tonight's Season 14 finale: We will miss you, Captain Brass. He's been with the show since the beginning (way back in 2000!), but tonight Paul Guilfoyle took his final bow as a regular, and Captain Brass decided to take care of his daughter. It wasn't necessarily a shock to see him go, but fans of the long-running procedural are definitely experiencing some sadness right about now.

Arrow, Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy

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Arrow: Who else is kind of over anyone ever saying the words "mirakuru" or "this city?" Great episode, most tiresome words in the world. Anyway, it was the end of the line for both District Attorney Kate Spencer and Sebastian Blood, who were murdered by mirakuru (ugh) soldiers and Isabel, respectively, after Blood had taken the cure that Slade and Oliver and Co. spent a fair amount of time going after. At least we found out Blood did have a bit of a conscience and wasn't a huge fan of the reasoning behind Slade's ravaging of Starling City. Since when was "I want destroy everything Oliver even slightly likes because he was there while another dude killed this girl I liked" not a good enough reason to wreak complete havoc? Whatever, Blood. RIP, we guess.

Meanwhile, there were reunions to be had! Sara returned and had a moment with Laurel that was basically the sweetest, as Laurel revealed that she knew exactly who her sister was and wouldn't accept Sara's self-defeat. Then, finally, poor Thea had a reunion with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, that certainly did not go as he probably hoped it would, since the episode ended with her pulling a trigger in his face. So things aren't looking good for the Dark Archer, or next week's finale, as not very many things seem to be going very well for anyone.

Bonus: Felicity for MVP! Neither her pep talk to Oliver nor her attempts to run over Isabel with a van actually worked all that well, but they were definitely amazing moments for completely different reasons.

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Nashville: All of your slightly-misguided-but-it's-fine-we-don't-judge dreams of seeing Kellie Picklerin the same place as the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have now come true! Congratulations! Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Juliette dealt with her hookup with Jeff by taking a very serious bath, and later Jeff essentially used their affair as blackmail, so she's just having a grand ole' time. Thanks to Maddie, Rayna was forced to participate in basically the most awkward family performance ever, featuring her, Maddie, and Deacon all on stage together, right after their huge public scandal. We get that you're a little upset right now, Maddie, but that's a little bit cruel.

American Idol, Jena Irene

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American Idol: Tonight was strangely...awkward? We're blaming it on the break-up stories and Jessica Meuse attempting "Since U Been Gone," as if any other American Idol contestant will ever be able to match the talent of the original Idol queen, Kelly Clarkson. We quite enjoyed Jena Irene singing "Heartbreaker" and we were so blown away by her performance of "Can't Help Falling In Love" that we listened to it several times. Dang, girl. We're officially Jena fans now!

Survivor: It turns out that a whole episode of desperate strategizing isn't always enough to keep you going on Survivor, as Tasha learned tonight. No wonder she was not happy when she lost the Immunity Challenge to Spencer, after having won it three weeks in a row. So Tony's still there, along with Woo, Trish, Spencer, and Kass, and things are about to get very interesting.

What did you watch on Wednesday night? Sound off in the comments now!

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