Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas welcomed their daughter Alena Rose to the world back in February, and the new parents are settling into baby life.

E! News caught up with the couple, and even though they may be experiencing plenty of sleepless nights with a newborn, they look overjoyed to talk about this new chapter in their life.

"Your whole life changes, and it's for the better," said Kevin. "Even in the middle of the night when you wake up to do the feedings, it's not a chore, it's a joy." Danielle agreed, saying, "Being a mom is everything to me."

And we've got to say, Danielle looks really fantastic. What's her secret to her post-baby body? "Well, it helped to work out during pregnancy," said Danielle.

Along with working out during her pregnancy, she credits her slim figure to her trainer, Anthony Michael. "Anthony is so great," said Danielle, and Kevin added, "He's been amazing."

Danielle also revealed that she borrowed Anthony from another celeb—watch the video to find out which reality star she shares a trainer with!

—Reporting by James Chairman

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