Yvonne Strahovski is everywhere and we're not complaining. The Chuck and Dexter veteran made her 24 and Louie debuts on Monday night. A double dose of Strahovski is just what the TV doctor ordered!

In 24: Live Another Day, Strahovski plays Kate Morgan, a disgraced CIA operative who just so happens to have a mind along the lines of none other than Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

"There are definitely similarities between Kate Morgan and Jack Bauer," Strahovski told E! News at the 24: Live Another Day premiere in New York. "They're both impulsive, they both break the rules and they both take matters into their own hands a lot. I think that she's in a way sort of like that female version of him, which I don't know if we've seen that in 24 before."

Yvonne Strahovski, 24

Daniel Smith/FOX

Strahovski is just one of the new faces joining Jack Bauer in the new 24.

"Everybody's got their own story and how their stories collide with Jack—he's like a catalyst," executive producer Howard Gordon told us. "In many ways, Yvonne's character has suffered by association. Her husband was a traitor and her collision with Jack—she has her own redemption that she's seeking even though she may not admit it to herself—but her collision with Jack this year will help her through that, not just emotionally, but in a way you'll see what it does for the plot."

It's another action role for Strahovski, but there's some heavy drama along with the gun toting. "I get excited about the scenes and the meaty stuff, which I feel like we get at here in 24," she said.

Strahovski's new character is going up against one of TV's most iconic creations in some time. "It's kind of intimidating, he knows exactly what he's doing," she said. "He's lived and breathed this character for so long…I can hold my own and be Kate Morgan."

Can the world handle two Jack Bauers?

24: Live Another Day airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on Fox.

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