Who knew America's Sweethearts weren't always so sweet?

Steel Magnolias co-stars Julia Roberts and Sally Field appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday to promote The Normal Heart and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, respectively. While there, host Jimmy Kimmel convinced the Academy Award winners to embrace their naughty sides for a silly little game.

"We are honored to have both Sally Field and Julia Roberts on the show tonight, and it's also an opportunity to find out which of these incredibly talented women has the foulest mouth. Cover your ears, America, because it's time for our first-ever Celebrity Curse-Off!" Kimmel said before the challenge began. "The rules are very simple: each of our contestants will have five seconds to come up with a curse. No repeats allowed...whoever can't come up with a word will lose this competition."

A slightly flustered Roberts then joked about one Field's famous TV shows, asking, "Why am I in a curse-off with the Flying Nun? How does this happen?" Field replied, "We'll see who's the Flying Nun!"

Field's repertoire was impressive (depending on how you see it), while Roberts struggled to come up with words that would be inevitably censored for TV. At one point, Kimmel joked, "This is a massacre!"

Watch the video above to find out which actress won the Celebrity Curse-Off.

Earlier, Field was asked how she felt about receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that day.

"It's really great," she said. "I'm there on the Walk of Fame with the 3,000 other people who have stars. It's really about the diversity of show business. You look at the stars and they're kind of great. You see Ingrid Bergman and then you see someone you have no idea who that is, and then you look it up and you realize there was a little bubble in time when they had something going for themselves. It sounds like I'm being facetious, but it really is kind of great that that's what show business is. It's all sorts of things." Field received the 2,524th star, which is located "right in front of the wax museum."

Roberts, meanwhile, was asked about filming Pretty Woman just outside of L.A.'s El Capitan Theatre.

"In Pretty Woman, your character worked on this street, right here, by us. It was different then, Kimmel said. "They've cleaned the area up now."

"It's spit-shined and fine now," Roberts said, flashing her megawatt smile. "But you're not here in those dark hours."

"It's a little bit seedy," Kimmel agreed, "but there are no hookers out there—that I know of!"

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