Andrew Garfield paid the price for dissing Beyoncé in "The Beygency" on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

But how did the singer herself feel about the hysterical sketch?

Well, look no further than Instagram, where the Grammy winner offered up a simple rave review today, writing, "Haaaaaaaaaaaa," alongside a huge graphic that read "The Beygency" in pink over a black background.

And how could she not love it?

Beyonce, Beygency, Instagram


After all, the 3 1/2 minute skit revolves around a group whose sole purpose is to rid the world of folks who have the audacity to say they are not huge fans of everything Beyoncé.

And apparently, the "Drunk in Love" singer wasn't the only famous face to give their stamp of approval.

"Hats off to Andrew Garfield and the whole cast for a great SNL last night. Funny s--t, people. Funny s--t. #Beygency #JT #spideykiss," new mom Olivia Wilde tweeted.

Meanwhile, Amber Riley wrote, "that Beyoncé SNL skit hahahahaa."

Of course, immediately after "The Beygency" aired, it received the ultimate accolade.

Yep, its very own Twitter account.

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