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Today's Jenna Wolfe bounced back to her pre-pregnancy body pretty quickly after giving birth to daughter Harper last August.

But the pregnancy pounds didn't just magically melt away for the first-time mama—she worked hard, eating healthily and hitting the gym, to get back into shape. Today producer Patrice Poltzer welcomed her son around the same time that Jenna delivered her little girl, but she wasn't thrilled when her body didn't snap back to its former self as quickly as the fitness buff's did!

So, as Patrice writes in a Today blog, she "recruited" Jenna "to be my trainer. Talk about accountability!"

The Today Weekend anchor was the first to admit to her fellow new mom, "What you're doing isn't easy," but reassured her, "This is a conscious choice that you're going to make: I want to get my body back! In order to do that, you have to put some work in!"

The ladies "started with baby steps," or as Jenna put it, "I want you to find 8,000 steps in your day," even if that meant just "taking the long way to the water fountain!" She also encouraged Patrice to hit the gym and start tracking her food intake.

"Nothing Jenna told me was groundbreaking," says Patrice, "but those baby steps will eventually lead to big steps—and those big steps, back to the body I had before [my son]!"

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